Courses currently available at CQB Firearms Training Associates:

* Advanced Tactical Pistol Courses
* Armed Security Courses (for ATC)
* CDP Shield Course
* Handgun Beginners Course
* HolsterCertification Course
* Practical Shotgun
* Practical Rifle
* Instructor – Action Pistol
* Range Safety Officer Courses
* Security Course for Security Guard Licence

We also provide “Train the Trainer” and instructor courses for most of the above programs.

All of the above programs are certificate level.
For more customized programs please contact CQB Firearms Training Associates.

David Burke, Chief Instructor is a provincial level instructor for CSSA, a national instructor for CDP, Holster Certification and Range Safety programs.   He served as Chief Range Officer (combat pistol) for the 2008 Canadian Forces Small Arms Competition and is listed by the CFO’s office as an armed security instructor.

Over the years David has trained many hundreds of students in the safe and practical usage of handguns. It is this experience, combined with similar backgrounds of our associates that we make available to our clients.

Contact us for the next scheduled course in your area.