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A top quality gun oil is one of YOUR most important gun accessories.

Burke’s Gun Oil™ is a multi purpose, premium quality gun oil that acts as a cleaner, lubricant and long term storage rust inhibitor. Not only does it work well in hot climates repelling dirt & grit , it is also a superb cold weather oil that even works at the North Pole! (see testimonial under resource for actual experience)

The Canadian Military, Police Departments, Hunters, Competitive Shooters and pleasure shooters use Burke’s Gun Oil.
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Take Your Shooting To The Next Level With Burke’s Gun Oil

If you’re looking for the best gun oil on the market, look no further than Burke’s Gun Oil. This high-quality lubricant is specifically designed to keep your firearm in prime condition, ensuring that it functions flawlessly every time you pull the trigger.

Keep Your Guns Clean, Lubricated and Rust Free with Burke’s Gun Oil

Experience unbeatable weapon performance with Burke’s Gun Oil – the ultimate all-in-one solution for cleaning, lubricating and preserving your firearm. Trusted by shooting enthusiasts worldwide, our premium quality formula ensures long-lasting protection against rust and wear. Take aim with confidence every time – choose our spray bottle gun oil.

A gun oil for all seasons

Burke’s Gun Oil is the best gun oil lubricant in Canada. It is designed for use in any temperature, from freezing to boiling. The oil penetrates deep into metal surfaces and leaves a protective barrier without attracting dirt or dust particles like other lubricants.

All-Purpose Gun Oil

Burke’s Gun Oil is designed s withstand high pressures and creeps and crawls into all the hard to reach crevices of your gun.  It is also a penetrating oil getting under all the carbon build up and even surface rust.   This saves you time by not needing to do a messy, time-consuming and oftentimes ineffective cleaning of your gun followed by the application of more oils.