Why should I be concerned about a lasting lubrication?
It is important for two reasons, first, lubrication reduces friction allowing moving parts to function more smoothly and quickly, second, reducing friction prolongs firearm life. Download usage directions HERE (pdf format will open in new window)..
Can I use Burke's gun oil on all my firearms?
Yes – you can use it on your conventional rifles, shotguns and pistols AND also black powder rifles and pistols. To keep your black powder firearms in good condition, we suggest a thorough cleaning using our oil after every use.
What can I do to avoid malfunctions in winter or cold weather hunting?
Lubricate the moving parts of your firearm with Burke’s. It will still pour at -85F. See testimonial from actual Rangers Report.

Do I have to be concerned about the amount of Burke's Gun Oil I use on my firearm?
No you don’t. Burke’s does not attract dirt & debris and will not impede the function of your firearm although excessive amounts in the barrel are not recommended, as it will change point of impact. Actually we spray it on actions during shooting/practice sessions to free up actions and make cycling faster and smoother.
How do I avoid rust from forming on my firearms?
We recommend complete disassembly, cleaning, reassemble and oil. Burke’s Gun Oil creeps and crawls getting it into places that might not normally get an oil coating..

Will Burke's Gun Oil harm wood stocks or optics?
No. Burke’s Gun Oil is produced from petroleum only derivatives and will not harm glass, plastic, wood, or leather. As a matter of fact it will bring out or restore the finish on wood. As an oil it could soil clothing if used to excess.

What is the difference between rust and corrosion?
Rust forms when firearms are exposed to moisture either from the environment or through handling. Moisture combined with salt is particularly damaging. If this condition is left unattended, corrosion or pitting will occur, marring the appearance and possibly the function of your firearm.