Gun Cleaning

Cleaning & Care of your Firearm 


Those who know me will probably laugh at the idea of my writing an article on how to clean a gun and care of firearms. My idea of cleaning is to apply some of our oil to the moving parts of a gun, work the action a few times and go back to shooting.  Yes, our company produces gun oil that works for lazy shooters like me.  So this article is for those of you who approach gun cleaning more seriously, and it can be very serious if your life depends on the functionality of your firearm.

All guns have one thing in common – they are made of metal. Even the polymer guns have some metal in them.  Unfortunately, metal tends to rust especially in wet, damp or humid conditions, so one of your first considerations should be to avoid this.

We will deal with the ways to keep your firearm from rusting a little further along in the article, but first let’s approach how to clean a rusty gun.

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