Machine guns at sea, rifles at the north pole and a component of special unit weapons systems are just some of the places where Burke’s Gun Oil, meeting  military grade gun oil Spec, has worked to provide lubrication and functionality for our military’s weapons systems.

Developed 14 years ago as a hunters lubricant it quickly became apparent that it’s capabilities and characteristics had tremendous potential for other areas of usage.  Currently the Canadian Navy is using our oil to keep their machine guns functioning at sea. It is also used by special units within the army as well as a number of other areas that we are not privy to.

It has proven itself as a cold weather oil through both Lab testing and actual field use. Colt Canada recently ran a lubricant cold weather test and although the results have not been made public it is believed that our product out performed the competition. Please visit our ‘Testimonial’ page  for the Ranger testimonial on their north pole patrol.xx

Here are some facts related to Burke’s Gun Oil (Weapons Lubricant):

  • It has undergone some rigorous testing including 12,000 rounds through a C7 without a single malfunction.
  • The lubricating film has been tested and proven to withstand 200,000 lbs per square inch of pressure.
  • Because it is a penetrating oil it is an excellent cleaner getting under carbon, dirt, grease and even surface rust allowing for easy cleaning of weapons.
  • It provides ideal protection during long-term storage because it doesn’t dry out or turn to powder.
  • It is a non-toxic product made in Canada.


Department of National Defense has accepted this product as a viable weapons lubricant and issued it with NATO stock numbers. This now makes this a product available to all NATO allies for use within their armed forces.

The numbers are NSN 9150-20-0069068 for 4 oz size and NSN 9150-20-001-7107 for 4 litre size.

We are proud of our product and the fact that the Canadian Military has been able to use our military spec’d gun oil in a number of areas.