Exerpts: (full testimonials available upon request)

bowie“When seconds are critical to a competition win, don’t let a poorly functioning firearm slow you down. Clean & lubricate with Burke’s Gun Oil™.”

Safety Officer:  David, I enjoyed the RSO course yesterday.  I just wanted to let you know that after experiencing multiple fail-to-loads yesterday afternoon, I used your gun oil like you suggested. I didn’t have the tools with me to disassemble the gun and clean it, so I sprayed some into the action and racked the slide a dozen or so times and then gave it a quick wipe-down. After that, I was able to fire 160 rounds without a single FTL, FTF or FTE.  I’m going to keep a bottle of your gun oil in my range bag from now on! – K.K.

Hunter:  Restored wood stocks to almost new appearance and kept my guns clear of rust during a very damp hunting season. Worked very well in the cold keeping our guns functioning.
An excellent product that equals and exceeds its claims. It will be my gun oil of choice from now on. – S.W.

Medievalist:  At the first application I’ve obtained tremendous results. Burke’s Oil removes rust and keeps armor and swords clean and ready for the next war.
– S.D. (a highly satisfied user of Burke’s Oil).

Competitive Shooter:  I ran about 600 rounds through the gun before cleaning it. It still looked well lubed. – D.W.

Householder:  We used your oil on our large satellite dish to free it up.
(That’s why we say ‘and more….’)

Dealer:  I sold the case of 24 in 2 days and have people waiting for the next order to arrive. -R.M.

Full Testimonial – Winter 2004:

Hi David,

Got a hand written note from the Ranger who participated in the enhanced
SOPAT (Sovereignty Patrol) from Resolute Bay to Alert this spring. I’ve typed it up below. As you might note Rangers, as a whole, are not well vested in writing reports but I think the intent is there.


Resolute Bay to Alert NT.
Submitted by Ranger Brad Whitelaw,
Dawson Patrol,
1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group
Spent one week in Yellowknife in preparation.
Trip was to start March 31st but was delayed due to blizzard conditions.
Temperature ranged from -30 to -40 degrees C. Winds gusting to 50 km/hr.
Zeroing of .303 Lee Enfield rifles was done March 30. Temperature was -33degrees C with 20 km /hr wind.
I scored a 39 points out of a possible 50. I wanted to do well so I never wore a glove on my trigger finger and ended up having a large blister (from frostbite).
I was issued a .303 Lee Enfield Long Branch rifle. First chore was to clean the rifle. I shared your product with the other Rangers.
I personally, as well as many other Rangers appreciate the simplicity and
accuracy of this rifle and your gun oil performed as well as could ever be
expected. The action continued to work throughout extreme temperatures and
build up of snow. The rifles were brought into the tent every night for polar bear protection so they would be frozen and thawed daily. Your product, in my opinion, out performed the regular issued gun oil and I will promote your gun oil to others.

Brad is getting me some copies or a disk of pictures from the Exercise so I’ll email them as soon as I get them.
Looks like your gun oil worked just great.

Rgr Sgt Mitch