Why Burke’s?

One of the questions we get asked most often is “why should I use your oil?

There are a number of reasons but perhaps the answer lies in the fact that Burke’s is a penetrating oil that gets under rust, carbon and other caked on corrosion including salt. Burke’s Gun Oil™ represents a technological breakthrough using only petroleum based derivatives without synthetics, ensuring your firearms function when you need them. More important, Burke’s Gun Oil™ does what other penetrating oils don’t, it provides lubrication that lasts. In fact it outlasts any other petroleum based product we have tested and many of the synthetics as well.

Burke’s Gun Oil helps to ensure that your firearm functions when it needs to (in some situations this can be critical to your safety); helps reduce wear and tear on moving parts (increasing the life-span of your firearm); help protect against rust and corrosion (extremely useful in damp or ocean environments).

Here are some facts related to Burke’s Gun Oil:

  • It has undergone some rigorous testing including 12,000 rounds through a C7 without a single malfunction.
  • The lubricating film has been tested and proven to withstand 200,000 lbs per square inch of pressure.
  • Because it is a penetrating oil it is an excellent cleaner getting under carbon, dirt, grease and even surface rust allowing for easy cleaning of weapons.
  • It provides ideal protection during long-term storage because it doesn’t dry out or turn to powder.
  • It is a non-toxic product made in Canada.

Where can you use it? Just about anywhere where metal meets metal. We say guns, blades and more. The more encompasses a lot. Here are some of the applications in the “More” category. See also Frequently Asked Questions.

Garden Tools
Satellite Rotor Arms
Chain Saws
Battery Terminals
Ignition Systems
Medievalist Armor
Hand tools
Power Tools
Model Airplane Engines
Unfinished Wood

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